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“Harnetiaux has a sure comic touch and delivers a zingy satire…terrific cast…this production, part of Playwrights Horizons’ “Soundstage” podcast, is among the funniest to emerge from the pandemic.”  The New Yorker


a new six part podcast series

written by Trish Harnetiaux 
directed by Katie Brook 
co-created by Playwrights Horizons, and creators Katie Brook and Trish Harnetiaux

In six short weeks THE MS PHOENIX RISING sets sail, marking the relaunch of the cruise ship industry after a prolonged shutdown. Urgent, budget-driven planning makes for a tense front office at Dane Cruising while they race to secure their place in history with fast marketing ideas and a reckless social campaign. Whose idea was it again to hype the “Christopher Columbus Route” through the Bahamas? Whatever. Tuck in as the team finds themselves in uncharted waters by deciding to revolutionize the concept of on-board entertainment by premiering an avant-garde theatre production of Ionesco’s The Chairs.

The MS Phoenix Rising includes performances from Anthony Arkin, Jess Barbagallo, Eric Berryman, Susan Blommaert, Johnny Gasper, Adam Greenfield, Jeremy O. Harris, André Holland, Mateo Hurtado, Haruna Lee, April Matthis, Emily Cass McDonnell, Keilly McQuail, John-Andrew Morrison, Estelle Parsons, Katiana Rangel, Danielle Skraastad, Nidra Sous la Terre, Corey Stoll, Shannon Tyo, and Jacob A. Ware.

The music is by Riley Thomas (lyrics by Trish Harnetiaux and Riley Thomas), the sound design and audio engineering are by Ben Williams. The Play Co. originally commissioned the pilot episode and The MS Phoenix Rising is also based on the stage play, “We Are Not Well” by Trish Harnetiaux that was originally The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute’s Clifford Odets Play Commission Spring 2019

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